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There are 2 different Dota players, professionals, and those who are stuck in the trenches. To become a professional and a high MMR player, it requires both time and effort. It requires a lot of time, an insane depth of knowledge on all the heroes, quick response times, and amazing mechanics.

Low mmr - the ever-present problem for new players

Do you think that you play better than other players at your MMR? Does Valve constantly pit you against tough opponents and pair you with weak teammates? Is your MMR growing too slowly - or not growing at all? Tired of having to carry the team but not getting any MMR for it? The answer is simple - buy a Dota 2 account with higher MMR.

Briefly, how it works.

A low MMR doesn’t mean the player doesn’t know how to play well. The MMR system only uses numbers when calculating MMR (KDA, damage dealt). When playing a support, it is very difficult to get enough damage to calibrate a high MMR - despite lots of efforts and lots of game knowledge.

Many have calibrated before, not knowing about this feature and play with players who know nothing of Dota 2. It’s extremely rare to come across other good players in such a bracket. In situations like this, it’s easier to just start over - by buying a new Dota 2 account.

What are the benefits of buying an account?

  • Save time! In order to raise your mmr by 1000, you would need at least 400 matches with a positive winrate - which, in reality, is quite difficult. There will be many times when the enemy is either too good, or your team is just too bad.
  • Play with the pros! The higher the MMR, the better your teammates will be. By buying an account, you become more credible - people care about your opinions, including professionals, streamers, and other amazing players! You can meet them and even play versus them in higher tiers!
  • Learn faster! The harder the task, the faster one learns. This is a given fact that is even true in Dota. The game only truly becomes harder after 4000 MMR. Just buy an account to start at 4k!

Where is the best place to buy a Dota 2 account? Obviously, ANYLVL! We guarantee:

  • Receipt of the account. Ready to be played by players and owners.
  • Large selection of accounts with different solo and party MMRs.
  • One month warranty.
  • Security. We only publish accounts through email. And when information is required through email - we will send all necessary information.

Any more questions? Contact our managers, they’ll happily help. If everything’s clear - buy an account and start playing like a professional right now!