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About the Dota 2 Battle Cup

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About Battle Cup

What is this?

The Battle Cup is a weekly amateur tournament that automatically starts in the DotA 2 client. It is available to Dota Plus subscribers and during tournament Events. Users form teams and participate in a tournament that consists of 8 teams (including yours). Bracket - Single Elimination.

Accrual of tournament points

  • Joining a match +10 points
  • First round pass +20 points
  • Passage to the finals +30 points
  • Winning the tournament +70 points

Requirements for participation

  • User profile level must be greater than 25
  • Users must be on a team
  • Each team must have a Dota Plus subscription, or 5 Battle Cup tickets
  • Before the start, teams must register in the appropriate region
  • Teams must be ready to start within 30 minutes after registration

Start time

Europe - Saturday at 18:00 UTC

Rewards for victory

  • Special Battle Cup and chat badge
  • Prestigious profile description, detailed description of victories and streaks (For 1 week)
  • 7 exclusive Emoji (For 1 week)
  • Exclusive Battle Cup statue
  • 20,000 Shards (For Dota Plus subscribers)

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