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Probably every player has considered the idea of buying a Dota 2 account . In fact,it probably way more profitable than actually grinding through the trenches of Dota. We aren’t just providing Dota 2 accounts with MMR. What else do you get?

  • The chance to play with professionals and good players in ranked. Ever dreamed to meet the pros you see on streams? Buy an account immediately with high MMR and immerse yourself in the world of professional gamers.
  • You get to learn more about the game by playing at a harder level. Higher MMRs are played by successful players who are willing to share their wisdom.
  • The owner of the account will often find people more interested in actual events in real life such as tournaments.

How do they prepare and sell accounts?

Many believe that good accounts are stolen from other players and then sold. AnyLVL does not welcome theft. We carry out our boosting on an honest scale.

So, how do we do it?

  • Team AnyLVL will register an account and then boosts it by giving it to our best players. We also purchase an Dota 2 accounts from any players with email and other information in order to sell them on our website!
  • The site exhibits ready-made accounts at very low prices, and the cost simple depends on the solo/party mmr. The higher - the more expensive! This means you can simply purchase an account with a set amount of money, or buy a specific account.
  • After payment, AnyLVL sends the buyer all necessary information (email / password and etc.).

Thus, all that is needed to begin to conquer the tops of the rating is to 2 small steps.