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Dota 2 Season Calibration - first steps for player to start playing ranked matches in Dota 2! 

Calibrate It will depend on your starting MMR account, from which in future the owner will have to develop, and it is often much easier once more responsibly to take the gauge matches instead of trying to get up from the bottom for a long time and exhaustingly. For new accounts max MMR after calibrate around 3500. (legend medal)


When does calibration in Dota 2 open?

You can start playing in rating matches only when your account reaches level 20, and for this you need to play at least 100 matches. In this case, you can run not only the standard games of the All Pick mode, but also, for example, the Turbo mode, where the game flows much faster, and less time is required to reach the desired level. Also you can buy new Dota 2 accounts on our website.

It is important to remember that even these games form a so-called “hidden rating” profile, which will then be taken into account at the start of calibration. Therefore, it is better to always give all the best, even before you start the calibration of your account in Dota 2, so that after entering the first rating game, the search immediately identifies you to skilled users, and the system gives you a high rank.

Calibration in Dota 2 given only 10 matches. Calibration matches cannot be replayed So its very important to play on best result.


Calibrate in Dota 2: How it work?

To get highest rank in calibration matches, you need to show yourself from the best side. The following factors are taken into account:

  • Rate of Kill + Assistance to Death ("KDA"). For example, if you made 10 kills, helped your team make 30 frags, and died only 5 times - your KDA will be equal to 8 - this is an excellent result in Dota 2 calibration matches. Thus, try to die less and taking maximum killings. It is not necessary to achieve goals, it is enough just to give at least a few blows before dying.
  • Percentof victories and defeats ("winrate"). The percentage of victories directly affects your rating and calibrated result.
  • Gold per minute ("GPM"). Learn to farm creeps.  KDA very important, so it is enough just to play carefully, and also be able to finish off creeps on the line.
  • Experience per minute ("XPM"). It is produced in the same way as gold.

Last two points may not affect on calibration result, especially if you play on support, but they directly demonstrate your skill in game, and also to varying degrees, will affect the winning percentage, so you should always keep them at highest level.


Dota 2 season calibrate - when does it start?

  • The new season starts every 6 months.
  • Each season in Dota 2 begins with re-calibration matches. (10 TBD)
  • The third season in Dota 2 will begin in December 2018.

The best heroes for calibration matches in Dota 2?

Ideal solution for a quick Dota 2 calibration in 2019 would be the mid or carry heroes. The reason is that all core heroes have good KDA / XPM  stats. This role are always the greatest: they get the most farm on the map, which players leave in other positions, and thanks to their superiority in level and gold, they can freely deal with opponents. In addition, they have the maximum impact on the victory in matches, because of which it is easiest to maintain a high percentage of winrate on these roles.

Also, the experience of playing Carry and Mid hero is useful when raising the rating, because after calibration in Dota 2, the only factor that is taken into account by the system is the win rate. You won or lost - that's the most important thing in the Dota 2 rating system, and that is why in each match you only need to strive for victory.